There are a surprising number of small and inexpensive parts that can lead to expensive engine damage. Many of those parts can be serviced during routine maintenance. The list may be overwhelming, but we can help you know what is scheduled to be serviced.

Some people do not yearn for a list of other services the manufacturer recommends when they only expected an oil change. Automotive maintenance is about prevention and addressing minor problems before escalating to major stressful repairs.

The median age for private vehicles on our roads is over nine years. When cars begin to become older than five years, much dirt and rust accumulate in the gas tank. If the dirt gets into the engine it can cause thousands of dollars-worth of damage. Somewhere between that dirty gas tank and the price of a great vacation is the lowly fuel filter: a very inexpensive part that generally does not cost much to replace.

A clogged fuel filter struggles to let enough fuel through. You might notice your car running fine around town, but struggles or sputters on the freeway or when you accelerate. This may be caused from not getting enough fuel to meet the demands of the higher speed. If bad enough, your engine might not start or could stall, which could be dangerous. Some fuel filters have a bypass that allow a clogged filter to permit dirty fuel to move around the filter element and pass to the engine.

The fuel filter is still important for newer cars. The fuel is still dirty even if there is no rust present in the tank. In such cases, the fuel filter will need to be changed more frequently as the vehicle gets older.

How often should you change your fuel filter? Check your owner’s manual or ask your service advisor here. The interval is usually around 30,000 miles. Ask if you need a full fuel system cleaning as well, which often go together. We truly want to maintain your vehicle’s performance and reduce your operating costs.

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