Your fuel pump sends fuel from your fuel tank to your engine. Sometimes with no warning, fuel pumps fail and need to be replaced.

Access to most fuel pumps is very labor intensive. Depending on the vehicle design and the condition of the fuel tank, the tank may also need to be replaced. With all the labor involved, replacing the entire fuel pump assembly and electrical relay is a long-term cost saver. Handling the flammable fuel is a dangerous process, so never attempt servicing the fuel system yourself. In addition, a mismatch fuel pump can cause performance and longevity issues.

There are some things you can do to help your fuel pump last longer. First, do not let your fuel tank run too low. When fuel is low, the pump must work extra hard to force enough fuel from the tank bottom. Also, the pump is submerged in fuel, which cools and lubricates the pump. Re-fueling at no less than a quarter-tank can help extend fuel pump life.

Last, E85 gasoline can damage your fuel pump if you do not have a Flex-Fuel vehicle. The high level of ethanol can damage seals in your fuel system, creating a fire hazard.

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