Maintaining your brakes is extremely important to help keep you safe and prevent premature brake repairs.

With disc brakes, brake pads rub on a disc called a rotor to slow the wheels. The brake pads are attached to a caliper that squeeze the pads against the rotor. This is somewhat like squeezing a handbrake on a bicycle to push the brake pads against the wheel of the bike. Pads wear away like a pencil eraser wears out with use.

If you hear squealing or grinding when you push the brakes, have your service advisor check them out. They can perform a thorough brake inspection to check for signs of brake problems and go over other brake components to determine proper functionality.

Some people ignore the warning signs and keep driving long after the pads are completely worn out. When that happens, metal brake components will grind on the rotor, damaging it enough to need to be resurfaced or replaced.

Rotors can also warp or crack, which requires replacement. Brake calipers also wear out and can develop leaks or the caliper pistons can freeze open or closed, which will also require replacement. A thorough brake inspection will reveal worn bearings or seals as well.

The new brake pads we put on your vehicle will restore your brakes to manufacturers' specifications. Otherwise, we can install upgraded parts to increase your stopping power and reduce brake noise and brake dust. We have options to meet your braking requirements and your budget.

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